Gonarezhou…..the truth ! (….complete!)

Well, Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe has been on our list of things for quite some time :wink2:

Did some research and came up with some interesting info. This link inspired me and plans were made to travel there: Read…..

Our route initially was to enter via Beitbridge, but due to the still problematic border control we decided to head for Pafuri border crossing (S22 26 55.1 E31 18 46.4)

Our route:

Zim map1.jpg

Places we wanted to visit:
Great Zim Ruins
Motobo Hills National Park

zim map3.jpg

People in the group:
– Myself, Danelle (0000DS), Kiara (7) – 2.5 DC 4X4 D4D
– Frans (Houdanoudaar), Denise, Heinie (2), Bianca (10), Tersia-Marie (11) – 3.0 DC 4X4 D4D
– Mike, Sonja my cousin from Hermansburg / Greytown – Mazda Drifter 2.5 DC 4X4
– Val – SFA 2.4 DC 4X4

Plans were quickly put into place and we scheduled to leave JHB on 30 June 2012 and returned on the 13 July. So time was a bit limited.

The round trip from Jhb – Jhb was 2950km in total.

The only booking required was at Gonarezhou as it was in season and we did not want to risk the chance of being turned down at the gate as it was during the school holiday’s.

Info on Gonarezhou: http://www.zimparks.org/index.php?optio … &Itemid=83

Zim Parks Central booking office can be made via Christina Mhuriro, cmhuriro@zimparks.co.zw or RESERVATIONS AGENT
But email worked well, provided they have power……. :surrender:

Val arrived in Jhb at our place on Friday the 29th June (with GI-Jane)

Gonarez Mark2 001 (Medium).JPG

and plans were to leave the following day and meet up with Mike / Frans @ Millies just before Machadadorp around 10h00 for breakkie.

Gonarez Mark2 003 (Medium).JPG

After a ‘min maar in’ disappointing breakkie Frans advised that he still had things to do on the farm and would only join us the following day.
Abel Erasmus pass on route: (S24 27 02.7 E30 36 26.9) just before the JG Strydom tunnel

Gonarez Mark2 013 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 019 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 020 (Medium).JPG

So the three of us headed for Phalaborwa where fellow Hilux residents (Nico / Christie) aka Vlak Vark kindly opened their back yard to us where we could climitise for 2 nights and do some last minutue shopping :mrgreen: Wow, what a stunning back yard and once again, many thanks for allowing us to stay over and njoy your company :thumbup: Much appreciated :wink2:

Nico’s back garden with a beautiful view of the Olifants river and KNP …… :o: Some people are really fortunate……. :wink2:

Gonarez Mark2 026 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 049 (Medium).JPG

Nico aka Vlak Vark and Christie our hosts :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark2 048 (Medium).JPG

We had a wonderful braai that evening watching, ellies, buffalo, giraffe come for a drink :thumbup:

Sunday Nico took us for a nice scenic drive around Phalaborwa :dance1:
The mine industry which keeps the town alive…..pretty sad to see such a huge industry around the beautiful nature……:

Gonarez Mark2 021 (Medium).JPG

Open cast mine which is no longer active as part of the road has collapsed

Gonarez Mark2 034 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 035 (Medium).JPG

Phalaborwa famous for it’s palm tree’s

Gonarez Mark2 028 (Medium).JPG

We visited a lodge down the road from Nico’s place where we njoyed some sundowners

Gonarez Mark2 038 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 041 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 005.JPG
Gonarez Mark2 043 (Medium).JPG

Monday, it was time to say good-buy and we headed for Punda Maria (S22 44 08.1 E31 00 46.6) where we could also fill up with fuel.

Gonarez Mark2 052 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 051 (Medium).JPG

We had a quick breakkie on the go at Punda Maria rest camp (S22 41 31.8 E31 01 05.0)nb. last fuel stop also!

Gonarez Mark2 053 (Medium).JPG

Some nice sights on route

Gonarez Mark2 056 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 057 (Medium).JPG

Val, with her mik en druk…… :mocking: :mocking: :mocking:

Gonarez Mark2 059 (Medium).JPG

That evening we camped at Pafuri river camp….which is outside the park…. :o: (S22 25 22.1 E31 02 09.0)
We had an nice quiet evening @ R100 p/p kids half price ;-) Info Pafuri River Camp info@pafuri.co.za

Gonarez Mike 016 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 061 (Medium).JPG

Hamburgers and chips for supper…a real winner :yahoo: :yahoo:

Gonarez Mark2 065 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 018 (Medium).JPG
The following morning it was up early and we headed for the Pafuri border crossing (which when we got there only opens at 08h00 and not at 06h00…… :o: )Into Moz….to be continued :!:
Approx. 1.6km from the Pafuri border post (S22 26 59.5 E31 19 52.3) my GPS T4A showed a road (left) which would save us approx. a 192km 4hour detour if possible :thumbup:So we headed in the direction, as we are always keen for some adventure….and it was :wink2:

Gonarez Mark2 068 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 069 (Medium).JPG

The road got less, however the Luxes were not afraid :yahoo:

Gonarez Mike 019 (Medium).JPG

We got to an rather empty Limpopo river………..but we expected it as it is dry season :slap:

Gonarez Mike 022 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 026 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 073 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 033 (Medium).JPG

From there it was dust and more dust :cooldude:

Gonarez Mark2 077 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 078 (Medium).JPG

Some pretty scenery

Gonarez Mark2 079 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 082 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 080 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 084 (Medium).JPG

Crossing the Naunetsi river (S22 18 49.5 E31 28 16.3)

Gonarez Mark2 086 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 087 (Medium).JPG

On the other side ot the riverbank we came to an abrupt HALT……….Moz Police……. :!:

They had all the time in the world …… and searched our vehicles one by one…..almost everywhere :twisted:

Gonarez Mark2 089 (Medium).JPG

This STOP took almost an hour…. but we just kept caln and played their game, without any nonsense or prepared to pay any bribes as they gently suggested…..

We continued along the Moz / Zim border where we headed for the border post at Chiquelaquala (S22 04 18.2 E31 40 52.1)

Old railway station in Chiquelaquala, just before the border crossing.

Gonarez Mark2 090 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 095 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 094 (Medium).JPG

The broder crossing into Zim was slow as there does not seem to be much traffic going via this route and there was no power so everything was done manually. However after an hour or so we were heading to the entrance gate of Gonarezhou, a 120km good sand road drive.

Gonarez Mark2 097 (Medium).JPG

The old bridge still washed away by the floods 2002, or somewhere around there…. Runde river (S21 15 49.9 E31 53 26.6)

Gonarez Mark2 100 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 036 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 037 (Medium).JPG

Entrance to Gonarezhou

Gonarez Mark2 099 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 105 (Medium).JPG

Road into the park….hippo and croc crossing beware :!:

Gonarez Mark2 106 (Medium).JPG
Some curious onlookers…..

Gonarez Mark2 108 (Medium).JPG

We arrived at the Main gate / entrance, exit? Still not sure … paid our stay…which took almost another hour, friendly staff but not so efficient…. We were booked at Chipinda for the 1st night, three nights at Pokwe and the last noght back at Chipinda.

Gonarez Mark2 114 (Medium).JPG

and headed for our campsite approx. 4km from the main gate, Chipinda Pools camp (S21 17 15.8 E31 54 51.3)

Just what the doctor ordered :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Gonarez Mark2 116 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 118 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 052 (Medium).JPG

There are x9 campsites at Chipinda, each with a lapa, braai area, drinking water, hot showers and clean ablutions :thumbup: Wood is available at the gate on request @ 5 US$ per bundle but we negotiated a wheel barrow for that price :mrgreen: Thereafter hunted self as it would have meant a 70km drive to the gate :roll:

I have reserved your booking as follows
Booking Ref XXX
Park Date in Date out Facility Cost/Night
Gonarezhou Chipinda Pools 3/07/12 4/07/12 Site 8 and 9 US$15/person/night
Gonarezhou Chipinda Pools 4/07/12 07/07/12 Pokwe US$25/person/night
Gonarezhou Chipinda Pools 07/07/12 8/07/12 Site 7 and 8 US$15/person/nightEntry Fees
Note these are once off payment for a period of 7 days.Print this invoice and pay upon arrival @ the Park

The hippo’s kept us entertained all night with jackal / hyena’s calling all night :celebrate:
Ladies preparing the salads while we braai’d :thumbup:

Gonarez Mike 051 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 050 (Medium).JPG

Note: there is no electricity at any of the campsites or bush camps. (bush camps are another story…..)

Kiara doing some washing

Gonarez Mike 054 (Medium).JPG

Bianca helping with the dishes :thumbup:

Gonarez Mike 055 (Medium).JPG

The following morning, we headed for Pokwe camp, saw this nice Kudu next to the river

Gonarez Mike 057 (Medium).JPG

View point

Gonarez Mike 059 (Medium).JPG

Southern view

Gonarez Mike 058 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 060 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 122 (Medium).JPG

The roads were generally in good condition (easy travel) but I think it can be another story in the rainy season :dance1: Another time :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark2 123 (Medium).JPG

On route to Pokwe camp we stopped off at a private camp just to have a look :shock2: Called Chivilla camp (S21 18 26.2 E31 54 59.7)….stunning but will be very hot in the summer month’s.

Gonarez Mark2 125 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 127 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 128 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 129 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 129 (Medium).JPG [ 115.8 KiB | Viewed 840 times ]

MIL swimming area :acute:

Gonarez Mark2 131 (Medium).JPG

Val, was in love with this place and really tried hard to convince me to stay but we had move on to our allocated campsite…. :angel:

Soon we had a view of the cliffs, which is prob one of the main attractions of the park ! Chilojo Cliff’s (S21 26 34.3 E32 05 11.0)

Gonarez Mark1 002 (Medium).JPG
The cliffs are stunning and we spent over an hour just soaking in the beauty :thumbup:

Gonarez Mike 065 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 066 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 068 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 069 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 070 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 071 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 073 (Medium).JPG

And another for Cassie…… :celebrate:

Gonarez Mike 074 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 012 (Medium).JPG

Val, Denise & Frans

Gonarez Mark1 020 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 022 (Medium).JPG

On route again :thumbup: There are a few legal places one can cross the river.

Gonarez Mark1 024 (Medium).JPG

But first time for brunch :thumbup: As the ellies were dinking on the other side of the river bed and we did not want to disturb them :surrender:

Gonarez Mike 080 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 028 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 027 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 075 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 081 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 083 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 088 (Medium).JPG

Sand was thick, but the water was little, but enough to clean our dusty vehicles :wink2:

Gonarez Mike 091 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 095 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 059 (Medium).JPG

Mike filling up his shower bag

Gonarez Mike 093 (Medium).JPG

Still on route to Pokwe, quit a 70km drive if you are having fun and stopping frequently!

Gonarez Mike 096 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 063 (Medium).JPG

Ellie’s obviously visited here…..

Gonarez Mike 100 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 101 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 103 (Medium).JPG

The road conditions gradually got worse, think this can be pretty hectic in the rainy season….

Gonarez Mark1 067 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 069 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 070 (Medium).JPG

Finding the campsite Pokwe was a bit of a challenge……as it is an area and not really a designated site….no toilet, no water just a view of the river bed.

Gonarez Mark1 073 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 118 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 076 (Medium).JPG


Map of Gonarezhou and where Pokwe is:

Ginarez Map (Medium).jpg
The next morning after hearing raging ellies / hyena’s and, laaws……we decided to head for pans:But first a fresh bacon bread, made by Mike and the kids :wink2: Yummy!!!

Gonarez Mark1 090 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 089 (Medium).JPG

…and… yes wait for it……………unbelievable sight…….. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Shaving in the bucket………. :lol: :lol: :lol: What a sight…..I am now a dead man…… :frustrated:

Gonarez Mark1 093 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 095 (Medium).JPG

While Mike was fiddling with his contacts….. :eh: the advantages of Alu-canopy…… :roll: :roll: :roll:

Gonarez Mike 123 (Medium).JPG

Heading for the oasis via an elephant entrance / exit road :wink2:

Gonarez Mark1 110 (Medium).JPG

Mike requiring some Toyota assistance…..

Gonarez Mike 124 (Medium).JPG

Some big bullies around!

Gonarez Mike 128 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 117 (Medium).JPG

Riverbed exit

Gonarez Mark1 123 (Medium).JPG

And another beauty…..these baobab’s are really special, somehow :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark1 127 (Medium).JPG

Upon arrival at the lake / oasis…..was beautiful, zebra’s birds, ellies, hippo’s and a lot more (was a stunning sight :thumbup: ) Animal Heaven no doubt :!:

Gonarez Mike 135 (Medium).JPG

Breakkie time, what a view :yahoo:

Gonarez Mike 132 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 131 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 135 (Medium).JPG

Popping in for a drink, right in front of us ;-)

Gonarez Mike 138 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 140 (Medium).JPG

Spend a day her if not two, you will not be disappointed :thumbup:

Ginarez Map (Medium) (2).jpg
Heading back to our designated site, which could have been better we decided to pop in at some other sites and see what they looked like….perhaps we got lucky and they would be ‘leeg’ :idea:

Gonarez Mike 149 (Medium).JPG

But first a good luck chant……… :oops: :oops: :oops:

Gonarez Mark1 145 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 146 (Medium).JPG

And stu’s bob we found one :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Gonarez Mike 152 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 147 (Medium).JPG

The pool was FULL of crocs….I mean full, I counted 28 visible at one time….. :!:

We had the lovely task…..”the guys”…..of collecting shower water, pretty scary I may add, but the ladies wanted to shower….so off the “braves” had to go……. :roll:

Water is no problem in the park……getting it is :!:

Gonarez Mark1 172 (Medium).JPG

Anyway all was well and so was the camp & sunset :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark1 182 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 184 (Medium).JPG

The following morning it was “difficult” (was gonna say hard….but) getting outa bed….. but that would sound wrong….. :surrender: :surrender: :surrender:

Gonarez Mark1 190 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 191 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 172 (Medium).JPG

Val keeping the tummies full for the day’s drive ahead :mocking:

Gonarez Mark1 193 (Medium).JPG

The last night we were booked for Chipinda again and decided to drive another route ie via the top of the cliffs! The roads were however in a poorish condition, but what the hec, that’s why we have 4×4’s so off we went :mrgreen: Animals were scarce along this route :!:

Ginarez Map.jpg
Gonarez Mark1 195 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 196 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 173 (Medium).JPG

And arrived to this view :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Gonarez Mike 177 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 201 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 199 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 202 (Medium).JPG

Black eagle admiring the same view as us :wink2:

Gonarez Mark1 200 (Medium).JPG
We headed down towards the river and time for brunch :thumbup: There were plenty of nice big trees to choose from :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark1 206 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 207 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 214 (Medium).JPG

Note to Val…..even if you like monkey’s or babboons, make sure to close you canopy and windows while in the bush…….they made off with some goodies…. :shh:

Group pic…. :wave: :wave:

Gonarez Mike 186 (Medium).JPG

Carefully watching for left overs….

Gonarez Mike 189 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 219 (Medium).JPG

Runda river crossing

Gonarez Mark1 222 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 196 (Medium).JPG

Free car wash, to get rid of some of the dust…… :wink2:

Gonarez Mike 198 (Medium).JPG

Back at camp Chipinda camp, some washing had to be done.

Gonarez Mark1 225 (Medium).JPG

Campsite No 7.

Gonarez Mark1 229 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 232 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 231 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 212 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 219 (Medium).JPG

The following day it was off to Lake Kyle or also known as Lake Mutirikw….shortest route via Chivamba (S20 36 11.6 E31 23 36.7)

On route via the consession area

Gonarez Mark1 235 (Medium).JPG
Very scenic route and roads were in excellent condition :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark1 238 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 246 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 249 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 252 (Medium).JPG

What was very noticeable was the cleanliness of the country :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark1 257 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 258 (Medium).JPG

Police checkpoint ahead, there were not many along this roure, however the ‘main’ roads were hectic, prob. no less than every 10km’s…….pretty frustrating as this adds a huge amount of time to you travelling time. So take this into consideration. We were seldom stopped due to GP registration, however all locals were stopped and checked at all the points.

Gonarez Mark1 259 (Medium).JPG

Closer to the dam the road become less, but not hectic, just caution for oncoming traffic…..

Gonarez Mark1 263 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 266 (Medium).JPG

Some farming, but very little, we also managed to buy nice fruit and veggies along the road :thumbup: Naartjies, oranges, huge butter avo’s and bananna’s

Gonarez Mark1 270 (Medium).JPG

Glimpse of the dam, noticed it was rather empty…… :!:

Gonarez Mark1 272 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 278 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 228 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 232 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 284 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 283 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 285 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 287 (Medium).JPG

A truly spectacular dam…something very special about it! I have said in the past I can easy spend 2 weeks here :!: :!: :!:

Gonarez Mark1 289 (Medium).JPG

There is little accommodation available around this area, Great Zim ruins being one and an old guest houe nearby, but way to expensive to my liking, however the Lake Kyle boat club offers camping, hot showers and loo’s. In summer the pool is blue. There are permanent structures standing around with some delapidated old caravans from the 50’s. We stayed here years ago and seems they are pulling things together slowly. Basic, but we are there for the view and atmosphere :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark1 291 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 290 (Medium).JPG

Camping for 5US$ P/P kids free, good value imo :!: :!: :!:
Lake Kyle boat club (S20 15 29.0 E31 00 59.7)

We decided to chill here for 2 nights :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark1 296 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 233 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 292 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 302 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 304 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 310 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 318 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 324 (Medium).JPG

Fishing seems popular for the locals

Gonarez Mark1 312 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 242 (Medium).JPG

and visitors

Gonarez Mike 239 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 238 (Medium).JPG

There are a few permanent cottages and caravans standing around….

Gonarez Mark1 293 (Medium).JPG

Clubhouse still in use

Gonarez Mark1 295 (Medium).JPG

End of day…..

Gonarez Mike 244 (Medium).JPG

The following day Val, Frans and family would visit the ruins as we had been there twice before.

Great Zim ruins to follow :thumbup:

So while Val, Frans and family were off to the ruins we lazed around more and baked some bread’s :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark1 329 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 247 (Medium).JPG

I handed my camera to one of Frans’s kids and they took the pics :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark2 144 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 146 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 150 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 153 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 161 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 162 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 164 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 165 (Medium).JPG
Some more pics :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark2 168 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 169 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 170 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 172 (Medium).JPG

It is believed that more than 18 000 people lived here :shock:

Gonarez Mark2 175 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 179 (Medium).JPG

Some more ref’s:
http://goafrica.about.com/od/zimbabwe/p … mbabwe.htm

Great Zimbabwe Ruins (S20 15 38.6 E30 55 55.2) only 10km from Lake Kyle boat club :thumbup:

From there we headed towards Masvingo, to refuel and get some fresh supplies from the Spar in town :thumbup:

Masvingo (Spar co-ords – S20 08 20.3 E30 50 32.0) :thumbup:
The Spar is well stocked with literally everything you can think of from chocolates to meat, plaas wors (truly… :!: ) & fresh baked bread….plenty. Prices were reasonable and some luxury items 50 – 70% more expensive. But it’s all relative, you really want condense milk in your coffee, you buy, you need petrol you gooi….. :wink2:Most garages in Masvingo were low on diesel or already out, but the fuel tankers were rolling in by the dozen.
Diesel was $1.28 and petrol $1.45 about the same as in ZA @ 8.5 :wink2:

Gonarez Mark1 336 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 219 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 221 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 222 (Medium).JPG

The ladies convinced us to go to the Wimpy for breakkie…..not my idea of fun, I said fat chance……and true as nuts we arrived there and they had NO power……… :lol: :lol: :lol:

Gonarez Mark2 223 (Medium).JPG

But spotted the Pizza joint….. :!: I was ignored……. :oops: :cry:

Gonarez Mark2 228 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 229 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 230 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 231 (Medium).JPG

For Ali3n…..plenty of them in Zim :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark2 232 (Medium).JPG

We headed for Mushandike National Park just 40km’s out of Masvingo

Gonarez Mark2 236 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 237 (Medium).JPG

Staff were friendly, however was not worth our while staying over for a night. Campsite was clean an basic but we decided to head on to Motobo NP (S20 24 39.2 E28 30 23.2). A pretty stiff drive……

Our first toll gate $1 per vehicle, on route to Bulawayo

Gonarez Mark2 239 (Medium).JPG
Just a few pics of Bulawayo, to get an idea, friendly town with some nice development. Friendly Rhodesian’s to be seen everywhere. Seems they are keeping things together :thumbup:

Gonarez Mark2 243 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 244 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 245 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 248 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 249 (Medium).JPG

Matopo NP entrance (phixed foor Val’s :wink2: )

Gonarez Mark2 250 (Medium).JPG

You come here for the powerful view’s, beautiful rock formations, but animals were scarce…… :wink2:

Gonarez Mark2 252 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 253 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 257 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 258 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 259 (Medium).JPG

We decided to spend 2 nights here :thumbup:

Campsite, situated next to a nice dam

Gonarez Mark2 262 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 265 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 252 (Medium).JPG

If you don’t like the view, just move….. :lol:

Gonarez Mark2 264 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 251 (Medium).JPG

There is hot water, washup facilities, clean and neat :thumbup:
More details here and the rates.
http://www.zimparks.org/index.php?optio … &Itemid=88

Some more of the hills :D:

Gonarez Mike 260 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 262 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 266 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mike 273 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 338 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark1 344 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 299 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 307 (Medium).JPG

Back at the campsite :mrgreen:

Gonarez Mark2 308 (Medium).JPG

We had another nice cholesterol free meal :shock2:

Gonarez Mark2 314 (Medium).JPG
Gonarez Mark2 320 (Medium).JPG

Some woke up with a smile the next morning and some …. well let the pic tell you…… :mocking: :mocking: :mocking:

Gonarez Mark2 323 (Medium).JPG

We headed for Plumtree border, as other travelers we met advised us it had taken them 6 hours to get through Beitbridge….and were decided to travel to Zanzibar border post instead!
On route to Plumtree.

Gonarez Mark2 337 (Medium).JPG

Coffee break, quite a few roadworks currently being done…….along this route.

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40min later, we were in Bots and headed for Francistown, as some had to refuel :thumbup:

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Roads were hectic and busy as usual….

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500m from the Zanzibar there is a Lodge (Oasis Lodge) that offers a ‘bush camp’ @ P120 pppn, personally I njoyed it….would have stayed there 2 nights….
Donkey showers + towels, clean loo’s, and a truck load of free wood :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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Zanzibar opens at 08h00 and quick and friendly staff assisted us :thumbup:

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Note: this border post has low river crossings and is not always open especially in the rainy season!

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By the time we got to Potties everyone was hungry and ….

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….so we headed for the Wimpy….my favorite :twisted: and met up with Jaco aka Zandyl where he joined us for a megga cuppa :thumbup:

We said our good buy’s to the Eksteen family whose company we truly njoy and hopefully wil still see on many further trips, you guys have become great friends indeed :thumbup:

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Mike and couzie Sonja, always a pleasure having you along, with all your twitching and tweeting…. :thumbup: Hopefully next time in a Toyota :lol:

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Anty Val, was great having you along, even if your mik and druk is bigger than mine……trust you njoyed it and hopefully see you on another :thumbup:

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To my wify and kids, you rock :!: It’s great having an awsome crew at hand :thumbup:

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That’s all from my side, hope to meet some fellow travelers, ON ROUTE
some day :thumbup:

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:wave: :wave: :wave:

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